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Get the full details on how to convert a van

I have put all of the information from this blog, and a lot more (including details part specifications, links to suppliers and full bill of materials - UK & USA) in to an ebook that you can download instantly. Updated for 2018!

If you are thinking of building something like the two vans I have created how-to videos for then it will be really useful get the details for you how to do it yourself.

It might be hard to believe, but really, there was no real specialist knowledge in making this van, if you can measure, cut and screw together wood you can probably make a nice van conversion - that fits your needs!

Bonus supplement 
This guide includes a free supplement that for 'Harriet's van - a smaller van for which we used a different insulation technique and had an extending kitchen - a perfect short trip adventure home!

View on any device! Both guides are delivered as a PDF so can be viewed on any device!

"Bought the ebook, packed full of useful links, highly recommend it to anyone considering it. A massive time saver when researching items and materials for the build." Toby Powell (UK)

"Just to thank you for all your work on YouTube and the e book. Very inspiring and if i do decide to go for the project it will be a huge help Great guide! Thanks for all the hard work." Doug/USA

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UK / Europe part-list is as standard Including part specifications so it is easy to find equivalent parts in your country

Why you should buy this eBook:

  1. It will save you money - through fewer mistakes - if I could have read this book before I started, I would have saved about $390. If you are going to spend thousands on your van, a few dollars to reduce risk is worth it
  2. It will save you time - just finding the components that were the best fit for my build took days-worth of time.. and the thinking process took even longer.. this book is essentially a major short-cut
  3. It will help you manage your budget - by seeing the costs (and the add-on costs) of the components and materials used in the build it will help you to work out what you need to spend for your conversion
  4. It will give you ideas - I am a designer by background and I think I have created a few innovative ideas that you could use in your build!
  5. It will help support my channel and this blog - so I can update the blog, reply to questions and make this a better resource (I keep updating the eBook with more information - we are currently on Version 6 - you get free updates for life!)

"Couldn't have done it without you!! The van is functional and managed to take it across Europe for 6 days through the Swiss and Austrian Alps."  Pierre, UK

What else is good about this book?

  • 135 pages of concise and useful information 
  • Guides for building-out both a large and a small van
  • Full details of all the components bought for my conversion, how much they cost and where I ordered them from
  • Full details of materials - including volumes of key materials, how much I spent on them and links where possible to the suppliers
  • It does not blind you with too much detail - let's face it we mostly need the key facts and not the detailed science behind every choice
  • Lots of annotated photos - making it easy to understand key elements of the build
  • Electronics schematics and other diagrams that make getting your head around the complicated stuff easy
  • Free updates - as I add new versions, anyone who has bought the previous version will get the update for free

"Just want to say thanks for all your info dude!! I bought your ebook. I'm going to start construction next week. I have sourced lots of materials with lots of help from you. Thanks so much for everything mate. Be well"  Craig Strictland (Canada)

Money back guarantee

I will give you 30 days to decide if the book has been worth it, and if, after that time you are not happy, I will refund you in full - no stress! I am confident that this eBook will be good value!

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Chapters in the book:

  • Introduction
  • Choosing a type of van
  • Layout and Design
  • Regulatory notes (free updates with regional regs to follow)
  • Installing a window
  • Fixings and Wiring set-up
  • Wiring and sizes
  • Preparation block-work
  • Insulation
  • The bulkhead
  • Kitchen unit, Drawers & Extraction Fan
  • Gas System
  • Heating System
  • Battery system
  • Off-Grid Solar System
  • Mains power; MCU, RCD, Charger & Invertor
  • Split Charger
  • Electronics & Circuitry
  • Lighting
  • Flooring
  • Window sills & Blackout blind
  • Slider panel image
  • Bed-side Cupboards
  • Above the Cab & Bathroom Cabinet
  • Fabric panels and Side Lights
  • Bin & Door Light
  • Chair & Upholstery
  • Sound system
  • Safety
  • Finishing touches
  • What worked really well
  • Commonly asked questions and answers
  • Parts and bill of materials
  • Phases and ordering
  • Other build advice
  • Final notes

What is in the eBook that is not on the blog? 

The following either have a lot more details, or are not on the blog at all:
  • Full details of Components and Materials; Specification, Suppliers and Prices!
    • Now also a USA-based components and parts suppliers excel spreadsheet
  • Full electronic schematics/design in an easy-to-understand format
  • More diagrams and annotated photos
  • Wiring and sizes
  • Window frame & black-out blind construction
  • LPG safety notes
  • Batteries and venting
  • Regulatory notes (to be updated with regional regs; free updates to follow)
  • Common questions answered
  • Tools used
  • Build phases

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To give a better idea, here are some screen shots of materials break down, with links to suppliers where you can find full specifications:

The electrical circuitry in an easy to understand format;

Buy the Van Conversion guide here >

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  1. This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Keep doing what you do man!

    1. Thankkksss!! :D That is nice to hear!

  2. im a noob when it comes to ebooks and ibooks, if i buy this through here will i be able to open it in 'ibooks' on my ipad or will i have to view it in a browser?

    1. Sorry for slow reply - I was not getting notifications! It will be PDF and you can open it on basically any device. I think you can put them into iBooks but you may have to do it manually.

  3. Love it this is what I have been looking for on youtube but nothings got my attention but you have thanks the video/ebook

    1. Ben, thank you for the kind words! Hope it all helps!

  4. Fantastic indepth guide! Just having an issue getting the links in the pdf to work... any ideas?

  5. Would this work for someone in the USA,have you made allowances?

    1. Hi Johnny, sorry for the slow reply! It should be useful - the main thing is the links to products; but at least you can see exactly the specification of the products and find the equivalent in the US.

      If it is not helpful - just let me know and I will be happy to refund you!

    2. Now there is USA parts excel spreadsheet included in the download :)

  6. Would this work for someone in the USA,have you made allowances?

    1. I have in some cases.. the main thing is that you will need to find the equivalent supplier in the supplier lists - with UK products/sourcing you can see the spec and easily search for it.

  7. Just bought your guide, looking to stealth build out a LWB transit also, but for urban living. Rents here are insane!

    Thanks so much for the information, very much appreciated.

    1. Nice - thank you for buying and good luck with your project!

  8. Full disclosure, I clicked on all the amazon links. Hope you get a couple of bucks for that.

    Seriously considering the build, You mentioned a heater in your Van, but you never mentioned A/C. Do you have A/C or do you not find it very hot during the day?

    1. I do not really go to places hot enough.. :) but you need to carefully look at power use if you go for it!

  9. Hi Nate, just bought the ebook. I personally think you could price it much higher. You're giving away good information - don't be afraid to charge for it. You're a good guy, good luck with sending your big wall project!

    P.S. Any way you could also publish a .mobi format so I can read this on my kindle?

    1. HI! Thanks so much for buying and also the great comment. I was selling it for £9 but I found I sold more at £6.50 and it was more profitable.. but thank you so much for valuing it higher. I do think it would save someone a lot of time and energy!

      I will look at the .mobi thing.. I am not overly familiar with it!

  10. I love your idea of the van conversion. I suffer from environmental illness and MCS. I live in the u.s. and after reading the comments I am concerned regarding how to find materials here. I am not metric centric, and suffering from brain fog, another symptom of EI, can your ebook be easily translated or could you do it? It looks like a fabulous transformation. I have had to move 7 times in the last 10 months because each place lived has water damage and mold. I like the idea of your van because it's all metal and can be stripped down to the Shell so there would be no possibility of contamination. Great job!

    1. Thanks Deborah... i think it is mostly about finding the equivalent materials - they may differ a little but it will probably still be ok. If you buy it and struggle - just let me know and I will refund you. Either way, best of luck!

  11. Nate,

    Love the conversion and the video's. You have inspired me and I am going to do a similar conversion to a Dodge Sprinter Van. On the subject of storage; I grew up in Ireland and we used to have bread deliveries to the doorstep everyday. The bread vans were equipped with very long drawers, 3ft wide ad maybe 10ft long that contained all the buns, pastries etc. A long drawer system of similar design would work well for storage under your bed, keeping things organized and easily reachable - just a thought! Thanks again for taking the time to show us all how you did this. Good luck with your future endeavors!

    1. Yeah that sounds cool. Could be handy at the back too!

    2. You could also put a piece of folding plastic cover over the top of the drawer when it's extended out of the back for a light work/outside dinner table. Great idea!

  12. You the man. So glad that you have already done the hard work. I'm very happy to pay the money for the book. You ever been to NZ? It's a pretty mean place to live in a van and tour around for a while (which is my plan). Anyway, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks man! Appreciate the feedback :)

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  15. Have you encountered any issues with condensation inside of the van, or does the wood do a good enough job at absorbing excessive moisture? I was thinking of doing something very similar, but using cedar because it smells awesome and tends to ward off insects.

  16. Hey man! Awesome job! I'm going to do this in the next few months and will be buying your book sometime soon :)
    I'm also interested in whether you get condensation in the van, and if so what you do about it?

  17. Hey I live in the USA will buying your ebook be useful to me? I'm wondering if I could even buy the products you used for your build. Thanks!

  18. Hi, im interested in your book, but I live in Australia, do you think I will get the same products here?

  19. Just bought your ebook and had a quick browse through it. Great! No doubt, that'll save us tons of research! Thanks a lot for all the info!
    We'll convert our Transit more in the direction of a stealth-surf-van and we'll travel Europe with it. So maybe we'll see you one day on the road! Cheers

  20. Hi Nate,

    I bought the book a week or so ago and, along with the YouTube channel, its proving really useful. My new windows and roof light are arriving on Monday and I cant wait to get cracking!

    My only problem is that while I can read the book on my iPad via Gumroad, I haven't received the PDF version yet to use with my laptop. Sorry to ask via the comments section, I couldn't find another way of contacting you.



  21. Just bought your ebook after watching your videos... totally inspired by it all.
    The Mrs and I are looking to buy and build something similar to yours....

    Enjoy the coffee and wifi, maybe see you on the road one day ;-)


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