Thursday, 6 October 2016

Above the Cab & Bathroom Cabinet

I had this idea of finding a bathroom cabinet and just screwing it in to the space above the cab. It took a while to find a suitable cabinet – in the end I found this one on Amazon.

It works really well, to open the cabinet you push the button, and when you close it, it locks shut on a magnet. It is nice to have a mirror directly above the sink.

This I screwed into two uprights and, in turn, screwed these in to the wooden block work.

I added these two pieces of work to the bottom of the cupboard areas (see wood under door in image below). This is because the doors need to be a little higher than the shelf to stop them getting blocked by stuff on the shelf.

Using cladding and spare wood I made the doors to fit – cutting out the hinge profile to keep them tidy.

Cut out hinge profile. The wood the hinges are screwed into was offset to the right of the edge of the cladding.

Although you can find all sorts of fancy push-button cupboard door handles I just went for a couple of locking slider bolts.

I think the brass looks good on the pine and I aligned them to the push button on the mirror unit and it looks tidy.


  1. Hey awesome build! just wondering if you could dig up the amazon link to the medicine cabinet you installed?

    1. easy find!

    2. Yeah would be great... I´ve been searching for weeks now to find a similar one, but haven´t been successful yet...
      Greez Dominik

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