Thursday, 6 October 2016

Installing a sound system in your van conversion

I looked in to fancy sound systems but it got fairly complicated and expensive; needing amplifiers, speakers, Bluetooth modules.. and honestly I do like music but adding this technology was going to cost about $500 if it is going to be good.

On top of that there is a space aspect, where will the speakers go.. where will they even look good.

In the end I decided not to bother. I did not really want to put in technology that might just go out of date – or require more maintenance.

The simple solution is simply some USB Bluetooth speakers. I think this is better for the following reasons;
  • They can deliver great quality sound
  • You can use them on your adventures
  • Powered by USB – simple is always good!
  • Can connect to your phone
  • If it breaks – it does not affect the van build
  • You can move it around the van as you wish
  • If the technology goes out of date.. doesn’t matter

For me it was a relief not to have to think about an inbuilt sound system and this solution is by far better.

I got these Taotronic Bluetooth speakers and they work well:


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