Thursday, 6 October 2016

Bin & Door Light

The bin

I got this bin from Ikea.

It has a flap lid that stops odours escaping. It is not too big which means you will empty it often enough to stop it smelling too bad.

Simply I made this slot for it in the corner. I screwed a couple of blocks of wood in – tight to the bin. Now the bin push-fits in and does not move.

I do not tend to put big bits of rubbish in this bin – just finding a bin for them during the day. It is most used during cooking for food waste or other bits and pieces.

Bin in situ

The blocks that wedge the bin in to place.

Door light

I had a couple of spare LEDs due to an over-ordering mistake.

I decided to add a door light – basically a light by the door that you can easily switch on if you need to see in to the van. It has turned out to be a useful light for watching movies or other activities where the main lights can feel a bit bright.

Luckily, because I installed conduit, I was able to push another wire through (over the roof – which was now fully clad) and was able to have an independently controlled light.


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  2. Great job!

    Can you share what was the total cost of this project?

  3. Hello, awesome build. May I ask, is this road legal in your country? If so, what did you have to do to pass technical checks?


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