Thursday, 6 October 2016

Split Charger

Another back-up power system I have not yet used!

I bought a split charge kit, wired it all in, apart from the bit where I just connect a wire to the battery. It just lays there – again the solar system is just too good.

That said, it is good to have it as a back up.

This is the basic circuit for the split charger:



  1. Am I right in assuming that anything electrical in the rear or "camper" area just gets connected direcly to the liesure battery or would you have some sort of fuse box for each circuit such as plugs being seprate to lights and seperate to fridges etc as you would in a house?

    1. You have a fuse between it for sure.. also I have a cut off switch. The 12v appliance come through the solar charge controller.


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