Thursday, 6 October 2016

Safety kit for the van

Van safety is cool yo!

I recommend having a gas leak detector, a carbon monoxide detector and a fire extinguisher at minimum.

I put my Carbon Monoxide detector under the chair.

My fire extinguisher has it’s own little alcove – it feels out the way (but easily in reach) and does not affect the over all look of the van very much.

Fire extinguisher alcove

Again, get your systems checked by people who know what they are doing. Your life is worth it.


  1. the location of carbon monoxide detector is far form ideal, They need airflow to work and they need to be near the ceiling, ideal would be at head height next to your bed.

    1. The van is a pretty tiny space, these work well in a big space like a house so it will be fine where it is I suspect.

  2. The point is, specific gas can cumulate above your head because some of them are lighter than air.


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